Tuned-up Bath

Blacksburg, Virginia
Bathroom Rennovation, by Stefan Morikawa

This bathroom renovation project focused on improving finishes and tuning up the details.


These clients wanted to bring the quality level of this old basement guest bath up to par with the rest of their house.  Some of the key points of this project were:  building a new custom cabinet which worked around some challenging plumbing obstacles, upgrading the wall surfaces, upgrading fit and finish of the trim, replacing the drop ceiling and installing a new floor.

I replaced the drop ceiling and skim coated a the walls to remove the strange texture.  Next I crafted a new vanity cabinet to support a new sink top and to work around the major plumbing obstructions, while allowing for functional storage below.  Chair rail and bead board were installed along with all new fixtures, trim and paint, followed by new cork flooring.  The final result was a warm and nicely finished space, much more fitting with the rest of their home.