The Wheelie Chair

Sometimes instability is fun

I built this to spice up hanging out with the kids when my daughter was five. She and the neighbor kids spent many hours outside playing. Since an adult often needed to be keeping an eye I built this to solve the issue of boredom when it was my turn. The wheelie chair became a favorite of the neighborhood kids. Everyone wanted rides. I became sort of like a pied piper with a little disabled-hooligan twist. Even though my daughter is all grown up now the wheelie chair still gets ridden from time to time. Halloween is a good time for dusting it off and running around the neighborhood.

Lack of stability really can be entertaining. If you get on the gas and don’t lean forward you will flip over, but if you let off the gas soon enough and feather it you can keep the front wheels up. It also has no brakes other than the effects of throwing it in reverse, which give it just enough stopping power to be considered “not overly sketchy.” It’s also got a short wheel base and a super quick ratio tiller style steering. This means at full speed (~18mph with a tail wind) one needs to be super careful with steering inputs. All in all it is a strange vehicle that requires attention but brings lots of smiles.

Out for a ride.